What I Got For Christmas 2015: Pandora Additions!


One of my favourite pieces of jewellery to wear is definitely my Pandora charm bracelet. Although it was given to me by my now ex, I thought I would keep this as it was too gorgeous to eBay it. So we'll just gloss over that and move on!

One of my "main" presents from my parents though were some gorgeous additions to my growing collection and of course I couldn't help but share them with you all!


Really bad lighting on my part but here's a close up of my two new charms. She said my bracelet lacked colour so she thought she would buy me this gorgeous pink ribbon glass charm (a first for my bracelet). Thanks mom!

The other charm is part of Pandora's more recent Rose Gold collection in the form of this adorable little heart spacer. As I said above about my terrible photography skills, you can't really see it in all it's rose gold glory but I have to say, it does look pretty adorable next to my bird cage charm.

pandora jewellery

Next was my favourite present out of everything this year with my bow stud earrings! I have a "thing" for bows and since my mom knows me so well, she thought she'd buy me this set to add to my addiction. I even have the dangle bow pendant so now we match!


Lastly is my little treat for myself! It's not been a secret that this year has been a bit shitty (to say the least) so in a way to congratulate myself for surviving it, I thought I would treat myself to a gorgeous Pandora ring! It took me a long time to decide but I eventually went with the beautiful heart stacking ring. The only bad thing about me buying this ring is that it already looks kind of lonely.......
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