Being single on Valentines Day really does open your eyes to just how much of a tacky money making scheme it has all become. Why should couples have just the one day to show how much you love each other and do you really prove that by buying a cheap looking teddy bear holding a silk heart saying "I love you"?

And if the gift side doesn't take your fancy, you could always take your better half out for a romantic meal where everywhere will be full of other "loved up couples" with their doubled price lists and hey! you might even be able to see a proposal or two. Original!

As you can probably tell, I don't like Valentines Day and even when I had a boyfriend, I always opted for a simple meal at home and then maybe a movie on the night. Simple. 

Since I am single this year though, I thought I would create a small list of a few ideas of things you could do if you're single to help boycott the "festive season"! To be honest, all the ideas seems to be very similar to the ones in my Break Ups Suck post. But here is your friendly reminder!

anti valentines day

1. Buy some flowers

Flowers don't need to be brought for you. You're a strong independent woman who can go buy herself some lovely flowers without being judged! So get yourself to your local florist or your local Tesco cos you got shit to do and no time for that, and buy yourself a big bouquet of your favourite flowers. You deserve it!

2. Buy some chocolates

Same as number one, but with chocolates. Buy that milk tray and eat it all to yourself while watching your favourite rom-com. Cos you're single and don't have to keep up any body standards plus you love the one with the strawberry filling and now you don't have to fight anyone for them! 

3. Take some ME time

Or how what I like to call "Single Appreciation Time". See that pile of clothes waiting to be magically picked up after themselves? No! See that pair of shoes by the front door which are just asking to be tripped over? NO!

Well instead of all that, now think of all that extra ME time you have to do relaxing things like bubble baths and drinking wine. Go single you!

4. Go out with friends

Who says you have to stay in on Valentines day? Get your bunch of friends together (preferably the single ones so you can all moan about being single together) and get out there! Additional shots are optional but are recommended. 

5.  Go Shopping

Nothing makes you feel better than a new pair of shoes or a new lip stick. Whatever you decide, make sure you come home with a very battered credit card.

6. Dating sites

If you're still really hung up about being single, then do something about it. Create yourself a profile on a dating site and let the messages coming pouring in. You never know, this time next year you might have someone to share Valentines Day with!

anti valentines day

And incase anybody thinks I'm a bitter and slightly twisted singleton who is jealous of anyone with a partner, I'm not. I'm just adding a comical twist to being single and to hopefully bring a smile to someone's face.


  1. Aw! Sorry to hear you hate Valetines Day so much! I love it (and not just because I have a boyfriend) I think its great there's a day dedicated to showing people how much you love them. The day is all how you make it! We didn't buy each other any presents this year, we're just going on a nice hike together and have a simple meal at home! Anyway, you have some really great ideas up there for single-appreciation! :) Hope you have a lovely day xx

    Renee | Lose the Road

    1. I totally agree :) I think you should do something nice together like a normal everyday and it not be forced. I hope you have a great day! :) xo

  2. Love these ideas!
    Like you need a boy to buy you flowers and chocolates, girlie movies and pampering is the way forward!
    ♥ Fran - xx