Guest Post | 5 Apps Every Beauty Enthusiast Needs in 2016!



If you are a beauty junkie who is always in search for new and improved make-up, inspirations and ideas, you must try out some of these 5 apps. Each beauty related app will provide you with new trends in beauty industry, along with styles and newest products. So check them out!

Beautiful Me

This handy app uses your Facebook photos to provide you with information about your skin condition. By browsing through your photos it can notice if your skin started showing signs of ageing, what kind of foundation and make-up you need in order to improve your style and it also gives you tips to improve your hairstyle. If you never knew what your skin tone is, this app will reveal it for you. Also, it can tell you precisely which make-up products and brands you have been using over the years and it could be interesting to find out how your style changed. Currently it is available for iPhone.

Pretty in My Pocket

Pretty in My Pocket helps you get genuine reviews of make-up products you want to buy. All you need to do is scan the bar code on the product and this app gives you all the information you need. Additionally, this app offers coupons for beauty products and useful tutorials for using the products you buy. You can also get ideas and advice from various bloggers, see which brands and beauty products are trending and more importantly where to get them. This app is available both for iPhone and Android.

L’Oreal Makeup Genius


This particular app is a bit more advanced. It uses facial mapping technology which can show you how you look when you apply various beauty products. Also, if you scan L’Oreal products, this app shows you how you would look like if you tried their products. Since nothing is perfect, this app has a small downside. You can only scan L’Oreal products. However, there is a little hack for that: if you want to check out a particular product or colour, you just have to do a reverse dupe search. You can find it on AppStore.


EyeEm is a community and a marketplace for photography. You wonder how this could helps beauty enthusiasts? Well, if you join the community which connects you with your friends and other photographers, you could get inspired for your next look and style. Also, by installing this app you have the opportunity to use EyeEm’s various filters for photographs and upgrade your photos on social media. Download it from Google Play or AppStore and take your photography and social media look on a higher level.



Everyone knows that there is a vast spectre of beauty tutorials on Youtube. An advantage is that you can watch YouTube videos both on your phone (Android, iPhone or Windows) and computer, so it makes it quite convenient as it’s always at your service. If you do not have your favourite YouTuber who guides you through the world of make-up, you should download the app, sit down and start searching. There are lots of influential vloggers so you follow a few of them and have fresh new ideas every day. 

By installing these apps, you can always have a fresh and trendy look. Have fun! 

About the Author 
Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate from Melbourne. Her passion is beauty and fashion and she loves to spend her free time travelling and of course – shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.


  1. These sound amazing. I have to try the L'Oreal one!

  2. I love the look of the one that reviews makeup products for you! That sounds super useful, I'm sure I would be reading it constantly haha.
    xo Kiki