I Love ... Cherry Almond Sparkle Bath & Shower Creme and Body Spritz Review!


I do love a good Poundland haul. There's nothing better than going in and seeing a product that you've wanted to try for ages or something you wanted to buy but thought was too expensive. And since everything is only £1 you would be stupid to say no.

Well the last time I popped in to look for a new lunch box for work, as soon as I walked in right by the entrance was tonnes of I Love ... products! They all the usual favourites like strawberry and coconut, but amongst them was a Cherry Almond Sparkle scent. Are these new or old or what?! I just don't know!

i love cherry almond

Either way, they smell amazing and I had to pick up both the bath and shower creme and the body spritzer because once again, how could I not for £1 each!

The best way to describe the fragrance is of a Cherry Bakewell tart. If you like the cake, you'll love this shower gel. I used it in my bath over the weekend and it smelt like I was bathing in sweets. Yummy!

I'm not sure where else you can get these as I've never seen this collection before, but I would suggest checking out your local Poundland just encase they have some! 
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