Love Is In The Air | Glossybox February 2016! ♥


It's that time of the month again! Not THAT time of the month, but the time when that gorgeous Glossybox comes through our door!

Obviously since it's February's box, it's a Valentines Day theme and it's been described as the box where you meet your product "soulmates" so of course I was eager to see just how true that is!

glossybox february 2016
glossybox february 2016
glossybox february 2016
glossybox february 2016
glossybox february 2016

In this month's box:

Nicka K New York 24h Waterproof Eye liner | £3.99
Nicka K is a bit of a regular in Glossyboxes now and one that I have to admit that I'm never really too fused about. This time, I would have loved a new eye-liner but just not in brown. Urgh! You can't win them all!

MUA Power Pout Glaze Low Voltage Gloss | £3.50
Soon after the release of last month's box, Glossybox sent out an email for us all to pick out our favourite shade of the MUA power pout to be sent in the previous box. Since I picked the darkest plum shade for that lipstick, I thought I would pick the opposite and pick the most nudest shade so hence my colour choice! Very excited to try this out!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezers | £8
How adorable are these tweezers?! Like I didn't even know tweezers could be so cute! Normally I'm quite cheap and will buy the little £2 ones from Primark but these are definitely worth the extra £5!

Noabay Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner | £10.64
Naobay is another recurring brand for Glossybox and one that I do like a lot more than Nicka K. The past few Noabay products have been skincare but this time it's a hair conditioner so it's pretty safe to say I'm excited to try it out! Review post coming soon!

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor | £9.99
I think Glossybox are trying to tell us something as this exact same shaver was in last years box. Just because it's Valentines Day doesn't mean we need to shave! If our partners really love us, they should respect our hairy legs!


  1. I love the theme of this box and the cute illustration, but I think the products could have been a little more impressive - agree about the razor!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Exactly! It's not very Valentinesy and last years was just so much better! xo