Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Triple Action Cleanser Review!


Since starting this blog, my skin care collection has grown as I've become more and more aware of just how important it is for my skin. I've always felt that since I've got oily skin that adding different lotions and creams to my face would make me look even oilier. And no one wants that.

Obviously over the years I've realised just how wrong I was and I've now learned that some of those lotions and creams can actually help my skin. Who knew!?

One of my most recent purchases and addition to my collection was the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating cleanser!

blackhead cleanser
blackhead cleanser
blackhead cleanser

The aspect of the cleanser that I was looking to the most was the triple action part and how it's up to you on which way you would prefer to use the product. Out of the daily wash, daily scrub or weekly mask, I thought the daily scrub would work out best for me since it does come with micro-beads that would end up exfoliating my skin anyway even if I did use it for a wash.

I've been using this cleanser as a daily scrub and wash for a couple of weeks although Neutrogena promises it to be a "7 day rescue". Unfortunately I haven't really noticed much of a difference at all which is disappointing since "100% of users showed visible results after 7 days". Am I weird?!

Overall although I didn't see much difference, I was quite happy with the scrub and I would recommend it to someone who only has a slight problem with blackheads and oily skin, unlike me! You can check it out here for £4.99 on Superdrug where it's also included in a 2 for £6 on Neutrogena Visibly Clear products!
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