Summer Vacation? 5 Spectacular Spots to Visit in Sicily ♥


Looking for that amazing holiday vacation destination? Well look no further as Sicily is the perfect place for you!

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The island of Sicily is filled with innumerable treasures; they have been a wonder to behold for over three millennia, being the product of invasions/occupations by early civilizations -Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Spanish and by later influences from Northern Europe (Normans and Anglo-Saxons). Dating to the first archaic settlements and to the time of Aeneas – refugee of the Trojan War, whom historical sources claim landed on the shores of Italy in pre-Roman times and founded the first settlements around the Seven Hills of Rome (at the time occupied by Latin tribes and Etruscans), the Greco-Roman influence stretched out across the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas to make Sicily home to the best preserved monuments and Temples in the Mediterranean. The habitat of its protected natural reserves is rich in diversity of fauna, plants and tree life and a result of the region’s volcanic activity.

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Taormina ranks topmost as any traveler’s favorite spot because of its location, that's why it's important to book your accommodation in advanced checking out on local sites such as for a villa in Taormina which will make you feel more comfortable and relaxing. The city is situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea and other must-see wonders like the beaches of the Bay of Naxos, the Isola Bella (another among the top 5 spots, with its natural park reserve and crystal blue waters by the beach), the Sicilian villas available for rent restored in authentic Arabic and Byzantine style, and the active Mt. Etna volcano at the foot of nearby Palermo. The 3rd Century BC restored Greek Amphitheater, with a view of Etna is another must-see along with the botanical gardens, Villa Comunale and the Norman Cathedral (12th Century).   

sicily travel

Mt. Etna is located at the foot of Palermo, host to ancient churches, Gothic/Byzantine cathedrals and wonders like the Catacombs of the Cappuccini or Teatro Massimo. From South Etna you can take a cable car ride to the top and a 2 hour trip to explore craters on foot with guided treks, or leave by bus from Piano Provenzano (North) to the observatory located at 2,400 m. and walk to the higher craters where lava and magma fumes have transformed the ecological reserve of Park of Etna into a worldwide attraction. The volcanoes in the Aeolian islands of Stromboli and Vulcano are also exciting, with their black volcanic sand and the daily eruptions of lava smoke and magma running down the slopes into the sea they are a unique spectacle.   



  1. Looks beautiful there! I would love to visit!

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  2. OMG volcano!!! So cool - would never want to live near it though

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    1. I visited a volcano in Greece and it was an amazing sight :) xo

  3. we are thinking of going there for our honeymoon :D
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  4. How absolutely stunning! Sicily has been on my list for years now, thank you for reminding me how beautiful it looks! :)

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    1. Same :) It is a very gorgeous place to visit! xo

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    1. I haven't been myself, this was a guest post written by someone else :) xo