Sweet Like Candy: Lollipops Lip Balm Délicieuse Review!


Lip gloss has probably got to be one of my least favourite make-up products purely because I've had too many experiences of super sticky formulas which basically glue my lips together and make it extremely difficult to talk. Oh, and when getting hair stuck on my lips when it's slightly windy. Honestly who would choose to have this?

Well a few months ago now (back in July!) Glossy box sent us all a Lollipops Lip Balm Délicieuse. At first I was really reluctant because of my hatred for lip glosses but I thought I would be fair and give it a chance first before judging.


First of all the scent is just amazing. It really smells like candy on your lips. The formula is clear and quite light and adds just a slight little shimmer to your lips.

The packaging is really girly and I love the little cutesy theme of all of their products. That alone makes me want to and splurge on their website.

Overall I think my hatred for lip glosses is too strong and I still feel really uncomfortable when wearing them. I'm happy I tried it and will keep it encase I ever change my mind but I think I'll stick to lipsticks and lip balms!

If you missed out on this month's Glossybox, you can check the lip balm out here
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