The Best Bargain Shampoo & Conditioner? Alberto Balsam Blends Review!


As I've mentioned before in previous posts, I don't really like to stick to the same hair products and I do try and change it every couple of weeks. This was after me using Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze for about 4 years non-stop that I actually started to notice that it wasn't working well for my hair anymore. Hence my obsession with constantly switching my products up.

Well all the way back in September, I won a competition over on the lovely Renee's blog Lose The Road and my prize was a lovely bath time set including shampoo and conditioner from a brand called Just Natural. The bottles were both 700ml so it's took me what feels like forever to use them up! Now they are finally empty I decided I needed something new to try!

A few months ago I watched a Zoella (name drop!) video and she gave a little shout out to the new Alberto Balsam range and I guess while I was browsing the aisles at Asda that shout out popped up in my head to remind me to pick up a bottle. So I did! 

alberto balsam shampoo and conditioner
alberto balsam shampoo and conditioner

As you can see, I picked up more than just the one bottle but with all the different scents and promises of gorgeous hair, I couldn't help myself. I brought the Damage Repair and the Smooth and Sleek products and I even brought myself a cheeky hair oil. Why not?!

I've tested all the products and so far I can't fault them at all. The shampoo lathers up lovely and not much conditioner is needed to make your hair feel soft and silky after. Both Damage Repair and Smooth & Sleek smell amazing and I love that you can still smell the products hours after washing. 

As I mentioned in the post title, I think it's the best bargain shampoo duo that I've tried in such a long while! Not only are the scents absolutely to die for but the price is pretty gorgeous as well! At the moment, the whole range is currently on offer for a pound each. A POUND! The only place that I've saw them at the moment is Asda so I do hope they start featuring in other shops in the future as well.


  1. Hello from Spain: great beauty products. Fabulous brand, Keep in touch

  2. £1??? NEED to stock up. Sounds amazing!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I found the coconut and lychee shampoo and conditioner to be awful in the past, and so I've never tried their products again since. Perhaps it's time I gave these new ones a try? :) x

    1. Well to be honest I never really rated their past range but this new blends range is pretty good ;) xo

  4. I love Alberto Balmsam so much! Their intensive conditioner, makes my hair super soft, and it's available in the pound shops so win for the price! :)