#treaclemoonMe | Create Your Own Treaclemoon Bath & Shower Gel!


If you're a follower of my blog or even my Instagram, you'll probably have noticed that I am a big fan of my bubble baths. I'm slightly addicted to buying new bath bombs and bath cremes to use and Lush has now definitely become my new best friend. My friends even mock me as I have a Sunday tradition to have a bath at 3pm. I just can't help it!

One of my favourite products for bath time is basically anything from treaclemoon as nearly everything in their range smells amazing. Back in November I reviewed the Sweet Blackberry Memories for part of their #BeYou anti-bullying campaign and I really fell in love with the smell. It's like taking a bath in blackberry pie. Yummmmm!

Treaclemoon have been very open with the fact that some of their best ideas have come from their customers so listening to ideas from them has always been a big part of their story and the development of their company. As soon as they opened back in 2007, customers would write with their suggestions and ideas and before long, these ideas became a huge part of their creative process and have even inspired some of their most delicious products, like my favourite Marshmallow Hearts!

Well the newest thing in the treaclemoon calender is the release of their new app which of course I had to download as soon as I found out. In this app you can now design your own perfect creation and see those thoughts and ideas come to life! 

treacle moon

"It's gorgeous scent filled her heart with love and her mind with blog ideas."

My idea for my product was to keep it related to my blog so it's personal and unique to me. I ended up calling it "Petal Poppet dreams" which of course, I think is amazing! I'm like a proud mom!

My personal taste in fragrances is very floral, light and sweet so I would love my shower gel to have a mixture of the that. I want to feel like I'm being smothered in Haribo and Love Hearts but in a field of roses! Who wouldn't want that?!
Coming up with great ideas isn't just for fun though and as an incentive for us to create something amazing, you will automatically be entered into a monthly draw with a selection of tombola prizes – from rubber ducks, to £100 cash prizes to spend on a happy day out of your choosing. What more is that they also hope to turn at least one of our creations into an actual product that will sit proudly on the shelf of stores – and feature the name of the creator on the bottle! How amazing is that?!

If you're not convinced now, then download the app yourself to test it out. The app is free to use and available on iOS 8.0 or later (compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch), the treaclemoon app allows users to create imaginative product fragrances, design unique bottles and invent beautiful stories of the kind that are synonymous with our products.

Finally, don’t forget to share your creation with Treaclemoon on their social channels, using the hashtag #treaclemoonME, for a chance to win prizes!