One By One Jewellery | Rose Gold Allobar Horseshoe Necklace ♥*


Although the majority of my blog is about make-up, one of my favourite things to buy for myself is jewellery. Whether it's a new statement necklace or a even a new head for my Dermal Anchor, I love looking through all the new jewellery when I'm out shopping. I'm like a magpie looking at all the lovely shinys!

Well a couple of weeks ago I came across a cute little up and coming jewellery store and just completely fell in love with everything on their site. I was kindly offered the opportunity to trial one of their items so after much deliberation, I decided on the gorgeous Rose Gold Horseshoe necklace.

one bye one jewellery
one bye one jewellery
one bye one jewellery
one bye one jewellery
one bye one jewellery
one bye one jewellery

As you can see the necklace is packaged gorgeously and it felt like I was playing a game of pass the parcel but with myself as it was just wrapping after wrapping. Not like I'm complaining because it really added to who suspense of opening it up!

Rose gold jewellery is really popular right and this dainty little horseshoe necklace does not disappoint. 

The only thing I would suggest to One By One is make the length slightly longer OR give the customer an option of picking a length. I found that the necklace was a little too tight and constricting so I would have preferred the option to have it slightly longer.

Overall it's a gorgeous design and I can easily see myself ordering more in the future! The packaging is adorable and it's perfect if you're ordering for a gift for someone. The pieces all seem to be good quality and I've been wearing mine for a couple of weeks now with no sign of wear! 

If you're interested in the horseshoe necklace for yourself or anything else from their, please check One By One out here

*This was sent to me to trial but my opinions are my own.


  1. This is such a cute necklace, would look adorable layered with a few longer pieces in the summer! x