Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sexy Volumizing Spray Mousse


I don't tend to use many styling products for my hair in the week for work. I tend to leave it to air dry and do it's own thing with maybe the occasional use of serum just to liven up my dull ends.

A couple of weeks ago though when I visited the Freeport Talke Shopping Outlet, I picked up the Schwarzkopf got2b 2 Sex Volumizing spray mousse. I've actually seen this about before but never thought to pick it up but since I was in the Beauty Outlet store, it felt stupid not to take advantage of the discount!

got2b volume mousse
got2b volume mousse
got2b volume mousse
got2b volume mousse

This product actually amazes me. Like it's mousse. But it sprays. It doesn't just foam up in your hair, you can now actually aim it where you want it to go. WOW!

As you can see I'm like a kid with a new toy with this mousse and the novelty of it does sound amazing. Instead of spraying it in your hand and combing it through your hair, you can now just easily lift up sections and spray again. No need to get your hands all messy and sticky ever again!

For the first time I used this mousse I thought I would really push the boat out and blow dry my hair, with my head upside down and the results were amazing! It was honestly like I had back combed all my hair but without all the hassle and knotty roots.

If you're interested in being as amazed as I am, you can get it here for £3 on the Boots website where all Schwarzkopf products are 2 for £5.50!


  1. this sounds fab! ive got thick hair as is so maybe not for me, but glad it works on you! Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥