Garnier Ultimate Blends The Delicate Soother Shampoo and Conditioner Review!


When it comes to buying new shampoo and conditioner, I rarely stick to the brand or type as I never really notice much difference. Although I suffer with oily hair, I do also suffer from very dry ends due to my years of bleaching so I can never seem to find a product that can help solve both.

Well on my recent shopping trips to Asda, I needed to pick up some new shampoo and was just going to buy whatever was on offer until I came across a stand advertising the new addition to the Garnier Ultimate Blends range! Since I really enjoyed all the previous products in their collection, I thought I would give this one a go to see how I got on!

garnier ultimate blends
garnier ultimate blends

As I said above, I wouldn't exactly say I suffer with a sensitive scalp but I thought it would be a good idea to give my hair a little break from harsh chemicals and soothe it instead with this gorgeous formula of rice cream and oat milk.

Like the rest of the Ultimate Blends range, the smell is absolutely gorgeous and you can still smell it hours after getting out the shower. The formula lathers up really nicely and even the conditioner is nice and thick and you can feel a noticeable difference as soon as you've rinsed out.

Overall it didn't solve my oily roots problem but it did help my dry ends so I'd like to call that a bit of a win? I wouldn't say it's my favourite in the range as I did fall in love with the Shea Butter collection but this would be perfect for someone who does suffer with a sensitive scalp!
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