Listerine featuring Maybelline Color Sensational Pleasure Me Red Lipstick!


Everybody loves a freebie! Especially when it's from a product that you were going to buy anyway. Well a couple of weeks ago I was shopping in Superdrug when I noticed an offer on the Listerine Advanced White mouth wash for a free Maybelline lipstick. And who was I to deny myself that?

Many of you have probably see this promotion around social media or on adverts on TV but I honestly was unaware of it. I don't normally buy this mouth wash itself but since I was in need of some and I got a free lipstick, of course I had to buy it.

listerine maybelline lipstick
listerine maybelline lipstick
listerine maybelline lipstick
listerine maybelline lipstick
listerine red lipstick

Unfortunately you don't get a choice on which colour you get sent but Pleasure Me Red is such a gorgeous red shade that it seems impossible that it wouldn't suit everyone. It's slightly darker than your traditional red lippy but that just adds to the classiness of it. Just me?

I've tried a few Maybelline lipsticks in the past and this Color Sensational does not disappoint. The colour is really long lasting and the formula behind it is very moisturising. There isn't much to moan about with the lipstick.

The mouthwash itself has got to be one of my favourites as well which really makes this purchase a win win situation! My main problem with mouth washes is that most are too minty for me and actually hurt my gums but this formula doesn't hurt and also doesn't leave me feeling like my teeth are clean.  Thumbs up from me!

If you're at your local shopping centre I would definitely recommend picking up a bottle because it's a deal that's too good to miss!


  1. I've seen this advert quite a few times! I think the lipstick colour is absolutely gorgeous and suits you really well! x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thank you :) It's such a wearable colour and I will definitely be getting some use of it! xo

  2. I want! that lippie is gorgeous on you :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥