L'Oreal Star Collection Colour Riche "Barely Coral" by Fan Bingbing Lipstick


As I've mentioned before in previous posts, I love buying new lipsticks. So much now that my "lipstick drawer" in my Ikea MOPPE mini chest of drawers is now full and additional storage is now needed. Whoops! I have a problem.

On my recent shopping trip to Freeport Talke Shopping Outlet though, I thought I would treat myself - to three new lipsticks. Why? Because I can!

One of the lipsticks that I managed to pick up, and I say managed because half of them were opened and ruined, was the L'Oreal Star Collection Colour Riche lipstick! I've heard of their Pure Reds and Nude collections but these were a little new to me.

Regardless of it, the colour looked gorgeous so I knew I had to buy it!

l'oreal lipstick
l'oreal lipstick
l'oreal lipstick

I was a little surprised when I applied to my lips as I expected it to be quite bright and to be honest, orange but it came out as such a lovely natural looking colour. It's not over the top and it can easily be worn for both day and night no problem.

Although the formula is a little matte in appearance, it's really moisturising and the colour lasted for hours before needing to be topped up. Not sure what more you could ask for?!

Unfortunately I'm not sure where to buy this from as everytime I try and search for it, the results just come up with reviews. If you do manage to find a site then I would definitely grab one while you can!