Tag Tuesday | The Currently Tag Take 2!


I say it's a take two because the first time I took this tag I was very much in love with an arrogant asshole and most of my answers were about him so I thought I would re-take the tag and answer the questions about myself instead!

Making: Excuses not to do anything!
Cooking: Nothing at the moment, I am eating my packed lunch though!
DrinkingVimto :)
Reading: Through all my emails
Wanting: Today can hurry up so I can go home and chill out!
LookingThrough the Superdrug website and wanting to spend all my money
Playing: Nothing at the moment but hopefully a bit of PS4 tonight!
Wasting: Time?
WishingI had enough money to go on holiday! :( or at least the sun would come back out!
EnjoyingMy dinner break!
Waiting: To get paid tomorrow!
Watching: My screen
Liking: When your boss stands up for you when you get nasty customers! 
WonderingWhat I'll buy first when I get paid!
Loving: My job
Hoping: That some yummy food will appear in my desk drawer
Needing: Yummy food - duh!
Smelling: Everybody else's dinner!
Wearing: Work trousers and a shirt. Classy
NoticingHow many hours left it is until home time
KnowingI should probably stop writing this and do some work
Thinking: Same as Wondering - What I'll buy first with my wages
FeelingContent, but slightly cold
Giggling: At the banter in the office