InstaNatural Aloe Vera Cooling Gel Moisturiser Review!*


It's been a while I reviewed anything from InstaNatural and to be honest, I've missed it! I really did fall in love with the brand and I miss trying them all out so I will really enjoy writing this review!

The last product I have left from my InstaNatural collection is the Aloe Vera Cooling Gel Moisturiser and it's one I've been using for a good couple of weeks now so I thought it was finally time that I wrote down my thoughts.

aloe vera gel

When I first received the gel I thought it was just a face/skin product since it's called a moisturiser but after reading their Amazon page, I soon found out that it can also be used on hair as well! Wow!

The formula is really light and is quickly absorbed into the skin so no time is wasted standing around waiting for it to dry. I wouldn't say it's the best at "cooling" but it's still a good product.

I haven't really used the gel much for my hair so I can't comment too much on it but for the times that I did, it really did moisturise my hair really well. I didn't need a tonne of leave in creams to get the brush through my hair so for me that's a win.

Another little handy use for the moisturiser is an antibacterial gel for sunburn and minor scratches and bites. What can't it do?!

Overall I'm well impressed with the gel and I will definitely be re-purchasing when I've used it all up! Although £19.95 does sound a bit expensive I personally think it's well worth it when you consider how much use you can get from it!


  1. antibacterial, hair moisturiser, body moisturiser? huuuuh! It does so much! haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥