Next Make Me Beautiful | Perfect Lips Sheer Chubby Lip Stick in Cherry Red Review!

25 May 2016


I must have been living under a rock recently because I was completely unaware that Next have launched their own make-up range! Not only is it super affordable but it actually looks really good!

In April's Glossybox we were all kindly sent one product from their range and I was fortunate enough to receive the Perfect Lips Sheer Chubby Lip Stick in the gorgeous shade Cherry Red. The colour is so me and I could not wait to get it out and give it a try!

next make me beautiful lipstick
next make me beautiful lipstick
next make me beautiful lipstick
next make me beautiful lipstick
next make me beautiful lipstick
next lipstick

As you can see from the picture above, the colour is GORGEOUS! Not only that though but it's super pigmented and it's slightly memorising to watch it sparkle and change. The formula itself is really moisturising and glossy and the colour lasts hours before needing to be topped up.

The one thing that I could change if I had the chance would be the packaging. The outer box was nice but the the stick itself just looked a little cheap. Especially when you compare it to the Makeup Revolution £1 lipstick which look much more expensive in my opinion!

Other than that little moan, I loved the colour and I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it in the upcoming Summer months. If you didn't receive the lipstick in your Glossybox, you can check it out here on their website!


  1. i didnt know next had its own beauty brand until i was invited to the launch :) the colour you got is gorgeous! i have a darker, more berry one, perfect for autumn :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Lucky you! It's a great little product though - I can definitely see myself picking it up in a few more shades! xo


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