Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara Review!


A couple of months ago, Glossybox sent us all an email to say that they would be featuring the new Revlon mascara collection and that we could choose which one version we wanted to get! Well I was super excited at the opportunity and spent a good 10 minutes googling which one I should get. In the end I picked Ultra Volume since it sounded so "ultra".

Originally I thought this mascara would come in the April Glossybox and disappointed was not the word for how I felt. Luckily for me though they didn't' make me wait too long as there it appeared in the May box!

revlon mascara
revlon mascara

I've been using this mascara for a few weeks now and I'm absolutely loving the way it makes my lashes look. Not only does it make them look extra volumised but it helps lengthen my lashes so much that when I wear my glasses I can feel them brushes off the lens!

The formula itself is really long lasting and you'll definitely be guaranteed to finish your day without the panda eye look. That makes it a winner all by itself in my opinion!

Overall it's a great mascara and I'd definitely be interested to check out the other mascaras in the collection. If you didn't receive this because you weren't signed up or went with one of the other choices, you can pick it up here for £9.99!
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