St.Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan in Medium Review!


I think it's pretty safe to say that a nice 2 weeks by a pool somewhere in Greece or Portugal with a cocktail in my hand just isn't going to happen for me this year. However much I want it, it's just not gonna work out! That means that the only way I will be tanned and gorgeous is if I fake it.

Now I've tried several self tanning high street products over the years so I like to think I know what works and what doesn't. My favourite overall has to be the St. Moriz foam mousse purely for the fact that it's cheap and it's quick and easy to apply. 

Because I'm earning a better wage than what I was last Summer though, I thought I would step out of my usual high street products and get something a little more high end - especially for me! And that was when I came across a very inviting 20% off voucher for all St Tropez products so obviously it was meant to be! As well as a few other cheeky purchases, the main product and one I was most excited for was the Gradual In Shower Lotion. I've read a few reviews on this when it first came out and it seemed to have a very varied reaction. Recently though they've released a medium shade to "one up" their light version and I thought WHY NOT?!

st tropez gradual tan in shower
st tropez gradual tan in shower
st tropez gradual tan in shower
st tropez gradual tan in shower

Now I've been using this for nearly every other shower so I'd like to say it's had a decent amount of time to "build up a colour" and I have to say I'm really impressed with it. After the first application I saw no difference what so ever but after the second and third, I was really starting to look quite tanned. It was great!

The one thing I really didn't like about this lotion, and actually seems like a common thing with other bloggers as well from the reviews I read, was the 3 minute waiting time. It doesn't sound like much of a problem now but imagine just finishing washing your hair, turning the shower off and then standing in the cold for what feels like an eternity with some not very nice smelling cream all over your body. Not good! 

What makes it even that little bit more stressful is that the instructions say don't exceed the 3 minute time but how are you meant to judge 3 minutes when you're in the shower?! I don't take my phone in the bathroom after a previous episode of it going swimming the once so how else can I know? Am I meant to take an egg timer in with me?! There's just too much pressure!

Other than that, it's a great little product and it's amazing how quick and easy it is to self tan nowadays. I'm nearly running out of my bottle by now so it's definitely something I would repurchase when it came to it. If you're not going on holiday either this year then I'd definitely recommend checking it out here!


  1. I know, do I have to count the seconds? I used this last year and saw some great results :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥