The 8 Hour Challenge | Snoreeze Snoring Aids!


We all have little embarrassing habits/secrets that we wish we could keep under wraps but I found that since getting with my new boyfriend and subsequently started staying over at his, my secret has come out. What's my secret you ask? I snore. LOUD.

Luckily for me, it's never bothered me that much and it certainly never woke me up but obviously when you sleep with someone in the same bed and they tell you just how bad you are, it starts to become a problem.

A couple of weeks ago a company called Snoreeze came to my rescue and offered me a trial of their Oral Strips and Throat Spray. At first I was a little hesitant on whether they would make any difference but after another sleepless night for my boyfriend, I was willing to give anything a go!


My favourite out of the two products definitely has to the throat spray. Although I liked the oral strips and actually left my mouth nice and minty, they were a little too thick and didn't quickly dissolve on the roof of my mouth as quick as I'd have liked. It made talking quite difficult! The throat spray however I could angle straight onto the back of my throat and instantly felt it getting to work.

The results?

I know I'm a heavy snorer and as I said above that I wasn't expecting much and since I'm asleep, I couldn't really be the best person to judge it. My boyfriend however woke up the next day and said that for the most part of the night, I didn't snore as loud! He did say when I was in deep sleep I was loud but the majority I didn't so I would call that a success in my book!

I know there was many things that contribute to snoring and I probably do have some underlying problem that I need to get sorted but if you're only a light snorer then I would definitely recommend giving one of these products a go. The website is super easy to navigate through and there's different pages to help "diagnose" which product would be best for you!


  1. Ahh my mum's such a bad snorer I can hear her from two floors down! The only way to avoid it is for me to make sure I go to bed first! Will have to give these a go!

    - Lubna | The Digital Review

    1. I'd definitely show these to her then! :) xo

  2. i dont snore...but my parents! lol i need to buy them this!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥