The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil First Impressions!


As I've said many times in the past, the best thing about being signed up a monthly beauty subscription box is when you get sent things you'd have never bothered to buy for yourself. Let a lone from brands that you've never even heard of.

Well this time I had heard of the brand but I was a bit torn on whether I should buy the product or not. When it comes to skin care, I'm very hesitant with what I buy as I suffer with oily skin so I'm very paranoid about buying things that will just make the situation worse.

Unless you've been living under a beauty blogger rock, you'll know that The Body Shop have recently released a new beauty skincare range called Oils of Life. By infusing 3 precious seed oils from around the world, known for their revitalising and repairing properties on skin – Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt, Camellia seed oil from China and Rosehip seed oil from Chile – with a powerful blend of essential oils, we created a lightweight daily facial oil to intensely revitalise skin, instantly replenish moisture and revive radiance. Sounds good, right?

the body shop oils of life
the body shop oils of life

As I mentioned above, I do suffer with oily skin so I was really unconvinced it would work for me. Surely adding oil to an oily face is not a solution!? The lightweight, quickly-absorbed formula though effortlessly melted onto my skin leaving a non-sticky, velvety-soft finish with no added shine whatsoever!

As this is just a first impressions review I haven't been using it for too long and I wouldn't want to give a full review without giving it a good test. I am however loving what I'm seeing so far and hope that it continues! 

If you fancy checking it out for yourself you can check the facial oil out here or the rest of the range here.


  1. i have oily skin so im always scared of using oils on my face but this sounds good! let us know how it turns out in a few months :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥