Life | My 26th Birthday Wishlist


In just one week, it will be my 26th birthday! 26! That's like 4 years away from 30! Ahh!

I've never really been that bothered about getting older, I've just kind of accepted it and just hope I enjoy my life instead of counting every day. This year is a little different though, it feels like I'm officially getting old!

I wasn't really going to do anything for my birthday as it's not a special year but saying that this year is a little bit special for me. It's my first birthday as an official home owner and that has really made me feel old. This to some people might not seem like a big deal but to me it's like I'm an actual adult with responsibilities and I should reflect that somehow!

birthday wishlist

I know, my wish list is pretty boring. BUT when you consider that I've just brought a house and all my time and money seems to be on set on decorating ect, I thought I would skip being selfish and ask for things that will make my new house into a home!

That being said, I do think I need some new additions to my Pandora and I have completely fallen in love with the above charms and earrings. Fingers crossed!
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