Life | My New Rose Gold Hair!


I've had my Ombre style hair for over 5 years now and even when I lobbed my hair off, I still dyed my hair and kept the faded blonde look. Over the past couple of weeks I've felt a little bored and fed up with my hair and wanted a bit of a "change" so after looking on the net for some ideas, I came across the idea of rose gold hair.

Now yes, rose gold started off as a type of gold available in jewellery but since it's popularity has grew since then, I think it's now possible to buy ANYTHING in a gorgeous pinky rose gold shade. Even an iPhone. One thing I did notice after looking through fashion magazine and websites, that rose gold hair is now a thing too! Of course that little girl inside of me loved the idea of pink hair so off I went to buy the dyes!

After a disaster of trying to order the dyes from Boots, I actually found gold when I popped into my local Poundland and saw these L'Oreal Feria Pastel Toning Conditioners in a gorgeous peach colour. Now I picked a few of these up "just to try" and ended up completely falling in love with them. You apply the conditioner to your hair and leave on for 15 minutes and then wash out as normal. The pictures below show the results!

What do you think of the Rose Gold hair trend? Will you be trying it out this Summer?

feria peach hair dyerose gold hair
rose gold hair
rose gold hair