29 August 2016

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Mask Review


If you haven't heard about the new L'Oreal clay face masks, where have you been? I don't think I can go on any social media website without seeing at least two posts about them! Well a couple of weeks ago I made a naughty purchase to Boots and I thought I would check them out and see what all the fuss is about! 

Now I have mentioned several times in the past that I suffer with oily skin and that I sometimes find it difficult to find that perfect skincare product. So deciding which clay mask to buy for myself was a little difficult until I saw the word "mattifies" in the description for the Purity mask so of course, I went with that one!

l'oreal pure clay face mask
l'oreal pure clay face mask
l'oreal pure clay face mask
l'oreal pure clay face mask
l'oreal pure clay face mask

If you've seen any of the posts from other bloggers/celebrities you'll notice that it's quite common to buy all three variations and use them all for separate areas of you face. This is great but for £7.99 each, it's got to work for me for to fork out for all three!

Obviously I only have the purity mask and I use it on my T-zone and on my chin which are normally the most "oiliest" areas and even after a couple of uses I can definitely feel my skin feeling fresher and just generally cleaner. It helps keep my shine away and I can normally get through a whole day without re-applying powder.

Overall I'm in love and I am seriously debating going and buying the remaining two masks. You can check them out on the Boots website where they're currently £5 each!


  1. I've been wanting to try clay masks since forever! This one looks great

    Beauty Candy Loves