Things I'm Loving | July!


July has been such a busy month, in both my work and personal life that I'm glad that August is now here and I have a week off all to myself! 

Although I've been busy, I've also been keeping a list of all the new things that I've been loving this month

1. Stranger Things

stranger things

You've probably heard so much about this new TV show from Netflix already but I have to talk about it myself! I was a little bored on night after work and I decided to give the first episode a go and see what all the fuss was about. After about 10 minutes into the first episode, I was addicted. Needless to say I finish the whole season in two days and I am desperate for them to make the second season! 

There's only 8 episodes in the first season so it's great little show to watch if you're into anything sci-fi, thriller or drama!

2. Pinterest


If you've read my latest life update post, then you'll know that I've recently brought my own house and now I'm super excited about decorating and actually making it a home. My main place of inspiration is Pinterest and it's inspired me to try things I wouldn't have normally tried before. Watch this space!

3. Me Before You

me before you

I was a bit late getting on this band wagon but it's safe to say that I'm finally onboard. I didn't want to watch the movie first without finishing the book so that's the main reason I was so behind. Needless to say I was sobbing like a baby at both the book and the movie that I'm still a little dramatised before I can start on the sequel, After You.
4. My new maxi dress from JD Williams

jd williams maxi dress
It feels like I've had this dress for ages before actually wearing it but since the English weather is very temperamental, this weekend is the first chance I've had! I love the pattern and it's perfect for days out shopping or dressing up for on the night. I just hope the weather stays nice so I can get more use out of it!

5. Life


As I've mentioned above, I've recently brought a house and although it's ridiculously scary, I'm loving it. From the whole getting a mortgage process to deciding what colour I want my bedroom, it feels like it's all one big roller coaster and I don't want to get off. After such a crappy end to 2015, I'm so happy that 2016 has really turned around and I can't wait to see how it all plays out!


  1. I watched me before you the movie and I loved it such a sad story!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. loved the book and already read the sequel :p and pinterest is LIFE!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥