TRESemme Expert Botanique Shampoo, Conditioner and Hydrating Mist Review!


Another month, another new shampoo and conditioner review!

I really am a sucker for new products and they're tempting introductory offers. Like who can really resist them?!

Well on one of my recent shopping trips to Asda, I noticed the new Tresemme Expert Botanique range and I had to pick myself up a few products to try. Would be rude not to!

tresemme bontanique range
tresemme bontanique range
tresemme bontanique range

First of all, they smell amazing. I've never really been over keen on coconut scents but these products make me feel like I'm on holiday. I just close my eyes and I'm that on that beach drinking a Malibu and coke! Moving on! The formula for both the shampoo and conditioner was ultra moisturising and left my hair feeling silky smooth and not the usual mess it normally is and for me, that's all I can really ask for!

The hydrating mist though I wasn't as impressed with. The instructions say to use on damp or towel dried hair, which I did but I found that it sprayed in more in clumps and didn't evenly cover all of my hair. When my hair dried I also noticed that the areas that were covered were a little stiff to touch. Not my fave product!

If you follow my blog then you'll know that it's not the first time I've brought Tresemme products and I'm always left feeling really satisfied and that my money has been well spent! Once again Tresemme has pleased me and I'd be happy to buy these products again, maybe apart from the mist! If you love Tresemme as much as me, you can check out their Botanique range on the Superdrug website where they're all currently half price! Bargain!