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I've been driving for a few years now - 8 years to be exact- and over those years I've noticed that there are A LOT of bad drivers out on the roads. My main journey is driving to and from work which on a good day can take up to 20-30 minutes and there's not a day gone by when I don't encounter these terrible drivers so I thought I would create this little list of all the things that annoy me!

Now I know everyone isn't confident on the roads and that can probably be the reason for most of my pet peeves below actually happening BUT this isn't meant to be "picking" on people and more a kind-hearted rant.

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1. Indicators.
I'd say this is very common with drivers nowadays and we can all agree this is annoying. The amount of times I've had to slam on the brakes because the idiot in front couldn't be bothered to indicate where they were going is just unbelievable. They were installed on your car for a reason, please use them.

2. Taking over parked car.
Now sometimes you're driving along and there's parked cars on the road ahead. My peeve is when the cars are parked on the other side (so where I have the right of way!) and the on-coming car over takes said parked car but takes the WHOLE of my lane to do so. I know you have to leave a "safe" distance encase the parked driver opens his door but this always happens on a road near me where it's clearly wide enough to over take and not make me stop. You're not a tank mate. You don't need that much room.

3. Slow drivers
There is a speed limit for a reason but I hate the people that drive below that limit. Everyone goes on about how speeding is dangerous but driving below the limit can also be just as bad. 

3a. This also includes people who hesitate at junctions. If there's a space, go!

4. Being in the wrong lane
I am guilty at this one myself, especially if it's in an area I've never been in before and I'm not sure which lanes goes where but I'm on about when people are in the complete wrong lane. For example, I've seen cars and vans go in to the right hand lane at an island then cut across all lanes to take the first exit! You know that's where you're going but you just don't want to sit in all the traffic for the left hand lane. That's total douchebag territory!

5. Islands
Carrying on from number 4, island is another major pet peeve. As well as the above scenario, the other reason I dread islands is because people don't follow the island round and just cut across the lane. For example, on the way to work there is a big island and I know from being in the right hand lane I can go straight across (the second exit). Now nearly EVERY DAY when I try and do this, the car from the middle lane will cut me up and then shout and stick their fingers up at me like I'm in the wrong. Follow your lane dickhead!

6. Talking on the phone.
There are so many products out there that take away the need to physically hold your phone to your ear. Most new cars even come with in car Bluetooth so you can connect your phone to the car and make calls through the speakers. There is just no need to take your hands off the wheel. It's illegal! Stop it!

6a. This also includes women applying make-up at the wheel! WHY?!

7. Car Decorations
I'll admit when I had my Mini Cooper I did have the "go faster" stripes put on the bonnet but I think that's where I draw the line on stickers etc on cars. Some just look extremely tacky and I think are a complete waste of money. Your car doesn't run off fairy dust and you are definitely not Tinkerbell.

8. Motorbikes
The day I started writing this list, my cousin was in a car accident. He's fine but his car is a complete write off. Why? A biker. He was turning out of a junction and the bike came out of no-where doing 60mph in a 30 zone and went straight into the side of my cousins car. This is exactly why I hate motorbikes. They speed around zig-zagging in between cars, hiding in their blind spots and then if something does happen - it's the car's fault.

9. Racing/Showing off
When I first passed my test I thought I was amazing in my little green KA and I enjoyed the feeling of driving around like I owned the road. Now 8 years later that has well faded but apparently not for some drivers. I don't want to race you off at the lights and I don't care about your new flashy Audi/BMW. It's just a car mate. It's even worse when the bloke is about your dads age. Urgh!

10. Ignorant Parkers
If you have a normal sized car, why do you need to take up two spaces?! The amount of times I've had to drive around a car park because the space I've gone for is next to a moron who can't park straight is terrible! It also gives you comfort when the doors have been scratched to death by other car doors banging into it as that's a sure sign they're good drivers!

I probably could go on for hours talking about all of my pet peeves but I'll stop at 10. If you can think of anything else that annoys you while out on the road, please feel free to comment below!


  1. Totally agree with all of these, particularly people who don't indicate! My biggest pet peeve would be people who drive under the speed limit in a fast lane on the highway. If you're going well below the speed limit then jump into the left lane so cars wanting to go faster can do so. This really grinds my gears and has happened many times aha. There are definitely a lot of horrible drivers out there! Holly x

    1. Oh yeah! That's another thing that I completely forgot about! Middle lane motorway drivers! Urgh! xo

  2. I'm learning to drive at the moment but can agree with quite a few of these already!

    Meg | Elmpetra

    1. It's terrible that you've not been on the roads long and you can agree with this! Good luck though :) xo