My Top Blogging Peeves!


I recently wrote a post about my top 10 pet peeves about driving and since it turned out to be a nice little stress relief for me, I thought I would write another one but this time focusing on blogging. 

As fellow bloggers I'm sure you can agree with some of these points and could even add a few more. Once again, it's not picking on people, it's just a light hearted rant. 


1. Following and then un-following
Yes following new bloggers and broadening your horizons is great but sometimes you lose interested or they just don't talk about things you're interested in anymore. It happens. But I'm talking about the people who unsubscribe/unfollow in the same day. WHY!? Is it a way for them to get a follow out of you or something because that just doesn't work for me.

2. Scam profiles
Are scam profiles still a thing?! No, I do not want to take a look at your profile or some product you're selling. Just go away.

3. Selling out
I know there's been a lot of controversy over certain "Youtubers" selling out and to be quite honest, I have to agree. Don't get me wrong I love Youtuber/Bloggers like Zoella and Tanya Burr but slapping your name on a product and charging for it is a little bit of a cheek. Lying about ghost writing and stealing quotes for wall art is not okay girls!

4. Bitching
I hate going onto someone's blog and seeing them slate another blogger. Why do that? We're all just doing something that we enjoy so why should you make fun of that? It doesn't matter if someone has millions of followers or just a handful, that doesn't give you the right to make fun of them.

5. Rude retailers
Luckily it's only happened the once to me but I did have a case of a really rude company I was working with a few months ago. I had reviewed the product, wrote my review and scheduled it to go live the next week. When I told the representative this, he demanded I post the review now. Needless to say I don't collab with that company anymore.

6. Posting only positive reviews/sponsored posts
You're not going to like EVERY product you ever try so not just be honest and admit you didn't like a product. Even if something has been sent to me for a sponsored post, I haven't liked the product and I'm honest with my review of it. Don't be a sell out!

7. Not responding to comments
I love reading your comments and I like to think that when someone has taken their time to write some, they've done so because they enjoyed and wanted to share/start a conversation. I don't get why some bloggers blatantly ignore their readers when they've left nice comments! That for me is a good reason not to follow someone.

8. Pop ups
I hate going on someone's blog and the first thing I see is a big pop up asking me to sign up to their newsletter. I've not even been able to see your blog and you want me to make a decision like that? Don't force that on people.

9. Music/Videos automatically playing
When I'm in a good "blog reading" mood, I often have tonnes of different tabs open of blogs that have caught my eye. I HATE when you hear music or talking though and it's like a hunt to find which tab is making the noise! Please don't do it!

10. Bragging about a "perfect life"
No one's life is like an Instagram feed so please stop making out like it is. I'm not jealous but I'd love to see the picture of the bags under your eyes or all the dirty washing up from your perfect avocado on toast. Never see that!


  1. I think as bloggers we all hate this things, ha!
    I definitely agree with you about the selling out point, I don't know why but it really miffs me when I see products/books they've they made it to that stage by writing a blog, but now they don't even have time to right posts that actually come from's all just rubbish to promote something *uuggh*

    Laura x |

    1. Exactly! They seem to have all forgotten what got them where they are now and how to humble about it! xo

  2. When people follow and unfilled really gets me upset then why bother to follow me in the first place! Thank you for this honest post

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets annoyed at this! :) xo

  3. these annoy me so much too! I specially hate companies expecting so much for so little in return for me! The follow then unfollow thing needs to stop asap!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds these annoying!! xo