Guess The Product | Glossybox October 2016


I've been so busy with all things "house" that I completely neglected to open this month's Glossybox! My kitchen is now complete (finishing touches!) so I've actually had a weekend to myself and first on my list was to open my October box!

A couple of weeks ago I had an email from Glossybox announcing that the gorgeous Estee Lalonde would be featuring in this month's box but even more so that she would be including a "surprise" product that we'd all have to try before the brand was actually revealed. Interesting!

glossybox october 2016
glossybox october 2016
glossybox october 2016

In this months box:

A Super Secret Shampoo
Now I'm writing this quite late in the day as the brand has already been revealed but in case you didn't see it, the brand was Head and Shoulders!! Now I used to use H&S religiously when I was a teenager and I still swear to this day that it's one of the best shampoo and conditioners I've ever used so I am 100% agree with Estee!

Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream | £12.95
I love the packaging of this lipstick - it's just so adorable! Unfortunately though the shade is far too nude for me and I can't see me ever using it. No one wants the "concealer lips".

Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil | £34
A recurring brand for Glossybox and I have to admit one I've never really raved about. I can't ever see a time when I'll need a shimmering oil. Maybe for Halloween? 

Universal Beauty Cosmetics Blusher and Lip Stain Duo | £15
New brand time! The packaging is super adorable and the shade is just gorgeous. I can see me getting a lot of use of this duo!

Bee Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator | £10.50
Another regular for Glossybox and unlike Nuxe, I did enjoy this brand! The packaging is super girly and both products so far smell amazing. Cannot wait to start using this!

PS...Pro Miracle Pencil | £2
Primark make-up! I'm not sure if we all got sent different shades but mine is a light nude shade so like the lipstick, I don't think I'll get any use of it. Bit of a shame as I love Primark and I'd have liked to see how good it was!

glossybox october 2016
glossybox october 2016

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Poundland Bargain | Johnson's Even Complexion Day & Night Cream Review


I love a good bargain and one of my favourite places to shop is Poundland. Conveniently for me there is one down the road from my work so on my dinner break, I pop down and see what goodies I can find.

Since I've been saving most of my money for the house I haven't visited in a while but last week I thought I'd treat myself! (if you can call Poundland treating yourself) As I've mentioned before, you really can find good bargains in Poundland and this time I found not only the Johnsons Even Complexion day cream but also the night cream to go with it!

johnson face cream
johnson face cream

Johnson's was a bit part of my life when I was a child what with their baby powder and shampoo but since then, I've not used many of their products. I remember trying their self tanning moisturising cream but it was a bit naff (as most of them were)

HOWEVER, the day cream was really light, easily absorbed into my skin and actually worked out as a nice primer for my makeup. The night cream was slightly thicker and was slightly uncomfortable but I have to admit that since using these creams together for a week, my skin has felt a lot softer and smoother so thumbs up from me!

For £2 for the pair, they're absolute bargains and I would advise you all to get to your local Poundland to pick them up for yourselves!
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Bubble T Bath Infusion Summer Fruits T-bags Review!


After buying my house and decorating the kitchen and living room, I have to admit that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. But I am now back! YAY

It's been a few months since my birthday but one of my presents really intrigued me and I thought it would make for a good review.

Enter the Bubble T summer fruit infused T-bags for your bath! 

Yes, your bath.

My friend from work mocked me for trying fruit infused tea bags as a drink so as soon as she saw this she thought it would be perfect for me. I couldn't actually stand the drink so hopefully these will be a little more impressive though!

bubble t
bubble t
bubble t
bubble t
tea bag

Admittedly, it's not as impressive as a bath bomb from Lush but it does fill your bath with a very subtle scent of summer berries. There's no change in colour and it didn't dissolve as quickly as I originally thought BUT it's a great little novelty item and the smell was gorgeous.

You can check them out here for £5.99 on Superdrug's website!

Things I'm Loving | September!


It's that time again when I get to talk about the things I've been loving this month! I skipped August's list as I was just really busy with the new house ect and to be honest, there wasn't much to talk about. 

This month though, I actually have things to talk about!


Ikea instagram

Now I know a lot of people don't like Ikea purely because EVERYONE seems to have the same furniture but over the last couple of years I've really loved everything that they've brought out so much that I don't actually care if anyone else has it! Since buying my own place and realising that not everything comes cheap, Ikea has been perfect for me for getting the little bits and bobs!

2. The weather

autumn pinterest

Although the sun is shining as I type this, it's the beginning of Autumn and I cannot be happier! As well as the gorgeous shades of orange and red of the leaves in the trees but the fashion is also tonnes better in the Autumn and Winter months.

3. Smarties


Bit of a random one but I have fallen in love with Smarties. How amazing are they!?

4. Whisper

whisper app

If you haven't downloaded this app then stop right now and do it now! Whisper is an online community where you can post your thoughts and feelings and even get advice anonymously from hundreds of people around the world. I've posted a few "whispers" and the feedback that I've had back has been amazing. I would honestly recommend it if you're going through any personal issues right now as it's best place for advice. If not, it's also great for a laugh!

5. The Grand Tour (Top Gear)

the grand tour

I will happily admit that I do love a bit of Top Gear and I am now extremely looking forward to their new show on Amazon. My dad has always got me into cars since I was young so it was no doubt that I would love a show like Top Gear. Even if you don't like cars though, it's an hilarious show and I really have missed the classic trio!


Life | One Year On


I have to admit, I've been staring at this blank page for such a long time before I could even think of what to say. When I thought about writing this it seemed like the easiest thing to do but now I'm here, I don't know where to start.

One year ago today I went through the biggest and worst days of my life.

mental health quote

But that sounds melodramatic so I best give a bit of a back story as to why.

At the beginning of 2015, I was in a miserable dead end job where I was constantly bullied by my manager, a loveless relationship and overall a generally negative outlook on myself and my future. It got so bad that around the May mark of 2015, I went to my GP and was prescribed antidepressants. 

Unfortunately things didn't look up. By June, I was signed off from work by my GP with stress and my relationship had completely broke down which subsequently meant me being kicked out of our home and forced to move back into my parents. On top of all that, my grandmother who I'm extremely close to was hospitalised with pneumonia and I honestly couldn't imagine life getting worse.

Life went on though and I drifted through Summer trying my hardest to find a better job, move on from my relationship and just generally live my life. I was attending job interviews for anything as long as it got me out of my current job but unfortunately I hadn't been successful in any. I was still having regular reviews with my GP but he suggested changing my medication and upping my dosage.

October came and my ex started messaging me again. I wish I could admit that I was strong enough to block him or tell him to leave me alone, but I wasn't. We ended up talking and meeting up again. I believed he still loved me and wanted to get back together but after an already stressful day at work, he told me he never wanted to see me again and that he'd found someone else.

Looking back now, I should have just laughed and walked away but at the time I couldn't even breathe let alone think that far ahead. It felt like I was breaking up all over again but even worst and I wasn't sure my head could take it. Instead I took an extremely excessive amount of my antidepressants and washed it down with a bottle of wine. I didn't want to be here and because it wasn't happening "quick enough" I slit my wrists.

It wasn't long before my parents found me and I was rushed to hospital where I was given activated charcoal to neutralise the tablets and was kept in overnight to keep an eye on my heart rate.

The next morning I was okay to leave but as you can imagine I was under watch 24/7 for a long time and it's took an even longer time for my parents to trust me. One year later though I have come out the other side and my life could honestly not be better. 

be nice quote pinterest

Just a week after all this had happened, one of the interviews I had attended earlier in the Summer had rang me back and offered me a full time job which of course I grabbed with both hands. I've now made lots of new friends and my manager is just the loveliest person I've ever met. 

A year on, I now own my own house, have a great job, a supportive family and friend community and I honestly couldn't be happier. I'm still single but I've learnt that I'm much happier on my own.

Why am I telling you this? Because I went through a really shitty point in my life and I felt like there was no one there to help me. It took something so drastic as trying to end my life to make me see how much more there is to life and how anxiety or depression can really take a hold on someone.

I know there are worse cases of anxiety and depression out there but if I can help just one person by coming out with my story then I know it was worth it.