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With the change in season, we need to alter the way we dress up, put on makeup and definitely cannot go on with the same messy summer buns and denim boxers anymore. Updating yourself with the trends is vital if you are one fashion fanatic like me or at least someone who cares about fitting in or maybe just have the updated knowledge to brag on. *Wink wink*

As we all are aware of the fact that fall is here and therefore, here are the latest trends in town for fall 2016:

I have come with great news for those who are bored of wearing the same straightened and split-less hair, well guess what? That trend ends now. Similarity in hair texture and quality is not what this season demands from you. You can now embrace your own hair, be it curly, wavy or perfect straight. You need no extra efforts or styling, just rinse and dry your hair and you are ready. This is the kind of style many of us had been wishing for. 

Go on and purchase barrettes, hair bands and all the trendy hair jewelry you find and add hues and class to your hairdos. Antique style should be your first choice while purchasing the hair jewelry. Giving your hair a little glam in this beautiful season will work like a cherry on top for every hairstyle that you make. So what is the entire wait for? Get yourself all striking head jewelry you find before others do.

The very old super elegant style is back after ages. All you need to do is make a ripple out of the forward-facing lock of hair and settle it with the gorgeous antique barrette in fashion. And there you are, all ready to roll for just about any event. 

Separating your hair in the middle is sort of out of fashion now and what a assertive woman of 2016 needs is to bring her hair to one side and give herself a neat, brave and sleek look. This would go perfectly with all the working women I must say, especially the doctors and nurses who have a uniform to wear with too little to experiment.

Sombré is the new subtle ombré which makes the same ombré solid colors a softer touch. It's best for those who are not always up for a major change immediately and suits just about any complexion and any individual; either it is a blonde or a brunette.

If you are in a hurry to step out for some place like school or a meet-up, this is the best hairdo for you. All you need to do is to make a knot out of your hair in any manner you like. You do not even need to settle your hair perfectly in place for it. Your hands can do a pretty decent job too. One knot in your hair at the back or on one side can give you a perfect picture of the 18th century when people used to sport these knots with love. 

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  1. I need to try wearing my hair up more, I definitely dont do it enough!
    am xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. My hair is probably up more than it is down :) xo