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The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name "Mills and Boon" is those old raunchy books that my Nan used to hide away and pretended she never read. Yes Nan, of course I believe you!

Since then, M&B have re-branded a little and targeted a more "modern" audience for their books and I was lucky enough to bag myself (get it, BAG, because they came in a bag?) their 'Modern Girls Guide To' collection!

mills & boon books
mills & boon books
mills & boon books
mills & boon books

Since 1908 Mills & Boon have been a girl’s best friend. And while life has been revolutionised by dry shampoo, we still have to battle unequal pay, the glass ceiling and the price of tights. Sometimes a girl just needs a break. From work-fridge-etiquette to drunk eBaying, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guides will get you through the day.

First off, the bag is adorable and I've already used it a few times to bring my lunch into work. I do love a good romance!

The books themselves aren't stories but are cute and funny little antidotes to help you through your day. The collection includes 4 books, my favourite being 'Working 9-5', and each gives little pick-me-ups and the feeling that life isn't all that bad. Bless you Ada Adverse!

The set makes for a perfect gift for your girl friends, especially the ones who are slightly more feminist than others.. You can check out the collection here on the Mills & Boon website.
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