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I can guess that a few of you will probably read this title and think "and? so what!" but part of me wanted to write a little post about my reasoning for why I decided to deactivate my Facebook account.

First off, I didn't actually deactivate it. The reason for that is I'm quite lazy for signing up to things like apps and websites and I will usually click the "log in with Facebook" button. It would cause so much hassle to get all this changed and because I'm lazy, I decided to not deactivate but to just delete the app and basically all traces of it from my life.

So why do it? Why delete a harmless website from your phone and your bookmark history on your computer? How will I possibly like cute videos of cats and dogs?

Well, here it is!

The truth!


I HATE Facebook!

SO much!

Yes, when I first made my account things were different and it was the perfect way to keep in touch with your friends and share pictures etc but over the years, things have changed. Instead of the friendly "how have you been?" it just seems like it's all about gossip and drama. And A LOT of stalking. Nothing in people's lives seems private anymore and I'm sick of logging in to see the next episode of Jeremy Kyle. 

Also, since buying my house and therefore decorating and making it a "home", a lot of my friends and family have asked why I've never uploaded any pictures onto Facebook so they can see. Why? Because it's MY home. It's my personal space and I don't want Rachel who I sat next to in English at school to see that. Personal space people! Let's keep it that way!

On top of all that, I found that I was spending far too much time on it! It became a habit to pick up my phone and to sit there for hours just scrolling through my timeline. I never really got anything out of it and it was such a waste of time, especially when you think of all the other, better things I could have been doing with my time!

And breathe!

Needless to say since deleting the app I've been happier. I don't know what that ex-colleague of mine is doing and I don't know who's breaking up and the best part of it? I don't care! The one important thing I've learned is that you need to learn to be happy in your own life and that posting every second of your day is not healthy.

Plus, Twitter is so much better...
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