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One of my New Years resolutions (as always) was to lose weight and I guess just try and be more healthy in general. One way I can "make the change" is the increase my water intake. I will happily admit that I don't drink as much water as I should and the main reason is that I find it boring. Yes, I'm a child. To help motivate to get drinking, I started looking online to find the perfect water bottle and that's where I found Hydratem8.


Now I know there are loads of other companies that have started making these "measuring chart" style water bottles but Hydratem8 was the first company I saw so I bought from them. I personally would have shopped around a bit before as I think their prices are quite high for what you get but oh well!

I've been looking at Hydratem8 for a while and although the price put me off, I did like the idea of being able to see how much I've been drinking and to push myself to drink more. After the release of two new bottles, I decided to take the plunge and pick up their teal bottle.

Delivery was super quick and the next day I was filled up and ready to go! The first day went really well and although I did find I was lagging behind a bit in the morning. After using for a few days I noticed I was drinking more on my own, without having to look at the measurements to see where I should be. It's like it trained my brain to drink!

All in all the price still does bother me because £13.99 is a lot for a water bottle but I'm glad I did buy it. Strange I know! If you don't fancy paying that much, they do have a "lite" version which is slightly cheaper. All versions come in a range of colour and the adult bottles even come with motivating quotes on the side (mine says Drink More Water!

If you're looking for that health boost on the build up before Summer than try out a bottle today!
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