Guest Post | 5 Top Tips on Buying a Wedding Dress Online


Valentines’ Day is over. Some of you must have received a big surprise—Yes, I mean the proposal. That’s really the best and happiest moment for us. However, it is just a start for your couple life. To continue your happy life journey, a sweet wedding ceremony where you will wear dream bridal gown is needed. 

So, today I will share some useful skills of shopping online for your wedding dresses. Let’s face it. Online shopping is convenient and saves a lot.

1. Learn more about the shop

There are really some shops online when you search for the keyword “wedding dresses”, “cheap wedding dresses” or something else. Then how could you know if it is a legit store? Visit the store and normally there you can find some clues. A legit store contains at least the address, email address and social media. Customers will leave their reviews and problems there. If you have no idea about the wedding dress store, here I want to recommend one— Dresses there are really charming and fashionable.


2. Read the shopping guide and check the size chart carefully

You need to change your habit if you also buy dresses in a fixed size. One 6 size dress in one company might be the size 8 in another. So, before you place the order, read their shopping guide with patience, take the measurements, and check their size chart. It helps you find a fit dress. 


3. Do ask the customer service for help

If you think the second step too difficult, just find the customer service. They will help you get the exact measurements and find a perfect dress. Do not be shy. It will take much more time if you get a dress in the wrong size. Besides the size thing, you can also ask them about anything you want to know including the exact colour of the dress, the real photos and materials.


4. Read the reviews

Reviews on each product page can help you know more about the dress quality, the popularity of the dress and even some more important information. If there are none on the website, find more on other forums. But do not judge one store according to the reviews only. Normally, one will prefer to write reviews when mad or extremely happy. 

bridal sale

5. Find the flash sale if you have a limited budget

One store will do some promotion occasionally to attract the customers. So seize the chance and it will save you more. More discounts are given on Black Friday, Boxing Day and some other event. Just visit the site often and buy the item you want at the most suitable moment.


Hope all these tips help you find a perfect wedding dress. For girls who prefer Wedding Dresses London style, Millybridal is surely your wise choice.

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  1. Great tips, it must be a big risk to buy it online if you're not prepared!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

    1. Exactly! It's a lot of pressure to get it right! xo