The New Hair Craze? | Pantene In-Shower Foam Conditioner Review!


I might not be able to go splurging all my wages in Primark since I bought my house but I do like to make a naughty purchase whenever I'm out shopping in Tesco or Asda. I have to get my shopping fix from somewhere!

One of the last things to catch my eye on one of these shopping trips was the new Pantene Foam Conditioner. Now I might be a little behind on the times but foam conditioner just seems crazy to me. How can it properly condition your hair?! Surely after applying it'll just dissolve into nothing so therefore not really conditioning your hair?

pantene foam conditioner
pantene foam conditioner
pantene foam conditioner

I have to admit that after a few uses, I've fallen a little in love with this conditioner. As you can read above, I was very dubious that it would work but after using it several times I was beginning to change my mind. Clearly, foam is the way forward.

After applying to my hair, within seconds it had soaked in and was ready to be rinsed off so there was no messing about. When drying my hair I found it to be soft to touch and no leave-in conditioner was needed which is a big plus for me!

Like I said above, I'm in love. I would definitely recommend trying this out (I've already recommended it to my friend at work). I've even been back to Asda and picked up another can! You can do the same here on the Superdrug website where it's currently on a 2 for £5 offer on all Pantene. Perfect excuse to stock up!
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