Essence The Gel Nail Varnish in My Love Diary


I'm quite boring when it comes to nail polishes and will mainly stick to two colours for the whole year; a light pink for Spring/Summer and a dark red for Autumn/Winter. Not much variety unfortunately.

After sorting out my make-up storage the other month and realising that I really do have a drawer full of polishes, I'm trying to change that! Instead of using those that I had though, I popped in my local Wilkinsons and picked me up a new shade!

essence nail varnish
essence nail varnish
essence nail varnish

Since Spring and Summer are only around the corner, I went for something to match and in the end, I decided on the gorgeous "My Love Diary" shade. It's a gorgeous pinky coral colour and it's a perfect match for that summer tan.

Now as my job is heavily based in the office and typing away on the keyboard, most nail varnishes don't last me longer than a couple of days. Unfortunately this one was another to add to the collection. Within a day I noticed chips and on the second day I was that fed up, I ended up scrubbing it all off.

I'm not going to moan too much as it's a gorgeous colour and I can still definitely see myself using this if I went abroad in the Summer. Plus, it's like £2? I'm not going to turn my nose up at that price!
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