21 March 2017

Essence The Gel Nail Varnish in My Love Diary


I'm quite boring when it comes to nail polishes and will mainly stick to two colours for the whole year; a light pink for Spring/Summer and a dark red for Autumn/Winter. Not much variety unfortunately.

After sorting out my make-up storage the other month and realising that I really do have a drawer full of polishes, I'm trying to change that! Instead of using those that I had though, I popped in my local Wilkinsons and picked me up a new shade!

essence nail varnish
essence nail varnish
essence nail varnish

Since Spring and Summer are only around the corner, I went for something to match and in the end, I decided on the gorgeous "My Love Diary" shade. It's a gorgeous pinky coral colour and it's a perfect match for that summer tan.

Now as my job is heavily based in the office and typing away on the keyboard, most nail varnishes don't last me longer than a couple of days. Unfortunately this one was another to add to the collection. Within a day I noticed chips and on the second day I was that fed up, I ended up scrubbing it all off.

I'm not going to moan too much as it's a gorgeous colour and I can still definitely see myself using this if I went abroad in the Summer. Plus, it's like £2? I'm not going to turn my nose up at that price!
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