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Our hair definitely needs a bit of a pick-me-up as we come out of Winter. I look for ways to deeply nourish my locks and make my strands shine, ready for Spring. I also love to study the catwalks to see which styles and accessories will be big this season.

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Read on for my tips on how to protect your hair in the sun, apply deep treatments to get it looking its best and bring a glossy glow to your tresses. You’ll also discover how to work those on-trend wavy hairstyles and sparkling hair accessories.

Nourishing Treatments: Chances are your hair is crying out for some hydration after all that central heating and cold, windy weather over Winter. Give it some nourishment with deep treatments, like hair masks and leave-in conditioners. You’ll want to keep this up throughout Summer too, particularly when sun, chlorine from swimming pools and salt from the sea start playing havoc with your locks!

Make It Shine: Hair can become dull during Winter, so make your tresses shine with some of these industry tips. The easiest way to get glossy hair is to simply blast cold water on your hair for a few seconds after conditioning, to seal in the product and close the follicles. Home remedies include using egg whites, honey and olive oil, but you can also buy products like shine sprays to do the hard work for you.

Don’t Forget Your Hair In Your Sunscreen Regime: It’s not just your skin that needs protecting from UV rays once the sun starts shining in Spring, it’s your hair too. You’ll find hair products that are specially formulated for this task. Give them the chance to really sink in by applying to wet hair. A sunhat will help protect too.

Waves: In keeping with the warmer weather Spring brings, the hairstyles we saw on the catwalks for this season wouldn’t look out of place on the beach. In particular, wavy hairstyles were everywhere. The great thing is it’s a pretty low-maintenance look, as you can just accentuate your natural hair texture with salt spray or a curling iron.

Accessories: The Spring 2017 catwalks were full of beautiful hair accessories, worn behind the ear to draw more attention to them. Stock up on sparkly slides and clips that look like brooches to be totally on-trend this season. As for tying your hair back, ribbons are the way to go to emulate that effortless yet stylish Fashion Week look.

By following these tips, your hair will be in great shape for Spring, and you’ll be ready to rock the coolest styles and accessories for the new season!

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  1. I totally agree with you. Hair care is something not a lot of people write about. Good job!
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