L'Oreal Beauty and the Beast Lipstick & Nail Polish Review


Now since the release of the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast movie, I think everyone has gone slightly "Disney Wild" trying to cash in on the whole thing. If I see another "Tale as Old as Time" T-shirt, I think I'm going to go mad. The one bit of BATB special edition merch I was excited about getting my hands on though was the L'Oreal lipstick and nail varnish combos.

Now if you're a beauty blogger, or just a woman in general, then you've probably heard about these and even more so how they aren't being stocked in the UK which has caused much annoyance. Thank god for Amazon Italy though as there was a little hack to make them all yours!

l'oreal beauty and the beast
l'oreal beauty and the beast
l'oreal beauty and the beast
l'oreal beauty and the beast

In the end I picked the "Plumette" lipstick and nail polish (I think it was called Plumette, I'm blaming Google translate) as it's definitely the more "me" shade out of the collection. The nail varnish is a gorgeous dark burgundy plum shade and the lipstick is obviously to match. The combo together actually makes me feel quite sassy!

I'm not sure if there are any products left to order or if they are restocking but I'd definitely keep checking back to the Italy Amazon page to see if they're back in stock!
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  1. I love that shade of lipstick, so pretty yet classic! And I agree, pairing those together would definitely bring the sass haha
    Holly x http://www.thechroniclesofholly.com/