Essence Stay All Day 16h Foundation Review!


A couple of weeks ago now I spoke about my mini (not really mini) Essence make-up spree in my local Wilkos and to be quite honest, I haven't got round to actually reviewing any of it yet!

This week I actually ran out of my foundation so it was finally time to crack open my new Stay All Day 16hr Foundation. Woo!

essence stay all day foundation
essence stay all day foundation
essence stay all day foundation
essence foundation

Now I will admit that I was in a bit of a rush while shopping so not much care was taken when picking the colour. Personally, I think Soft Beige might be slightly too dark for me but that's my own fault so hey!

The formula itself is actually pretty good. I gave it it's first test run on a night out and despite all the dancing ect, it managed to stay on my face for the whole night. Not the 16hr guaranteed but who keeps foundation on for 16 hours!?

The packaging is really cute and simple and there's the nice £3.80 price tag to match as well. Honestly, can you go wrong with that?
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  1. The shade I got was all wrong - so it didn't work out too well for me

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I did the same but I still enjoyed using it! :) xo

  2. inexpensive! sounds like a great every day product!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥