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I've had a few special occasions come up recently (both parents 50th birthdays for one!) and I am a complete sucker for spoiling people. Even if there's not a birthday or something coming up, I'll still go out shopping and think "Oh, so and so would like that!" and then buy it for them. I'm just a nice person!

Well as I mentioned about it was a big birthday for both of my parents recently and as they'd both helped out so much with me buying my house, I really spoilt them! As I felt like that wasn't enough, I even dragged it out to Mother's Day as well.

Now my friends over at Prestige Flowers must have read my mind and offered to send me over of their Luxury bouquets from their special Mother's Day range.

prestige flowers
prestige flowers

I have to admit that I'm a little late writing this review as I've not been feeling very alive lately but how gorgeous are these flowers?! I had them sent to my workplace so I'd be there to accept it and everyone in the office was so jealous!

I was sent their Emerald bouquet by Haute Flowers and it is just beautiful! *insert heart eye emoji* The bouquet includes sweet avalanche roses, memory roses complimented with veronica blue and green chrysanthemum blossoms to make it as truly delightful arrangement. As you can imagine, I scored a lot of Mom points!

If you have any special occasions coming up then check out Prestige Flowers website for their huge range of bouquets and gift packages.
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