Essence Super Precise Eyeliner Review!


When it comes to eye make-up, I'm pretty boring. I'll admit it! Since I was probably around the 16/17 year old mark I discovered liquid eyeliner and I've never really gone back. If it's not broken and all...

Because of this though, that means I've had a few years of testing out different types of eyeliners and I come to find what I love and what works for me. Normally I would tend to go with the felt tip eyeliner but recently I've been drifitng towards the more liquid eyeliner.

On one of my recent trips to Wilkos, I made a sneaky visit to their Essence make-up range and their Super Precise Eyeliner just hopped into my basket. Weird?

essence eyeliner
essence eyeliner
essence eyeliner

As I said above, I do normally go for felt tip style eyeliners but I do love the precision I've been able to get with this one - hence the name. As you can see from the swatch as well, it's thin and precise but can be easily layered up for a thicker effect. It's super easy to apply and it lasts throughout the day and for £2.30, what more do you want?! 

If you're looking for a cheap eyeliner for work or just in the day, this is definitely something to try! You can check it out on the Wilko's website here.
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