DIY | My New Under The Stairs Cupboard


It's been a while since I actually sat down and blogged and the main reason for that is because I've been bitten by the DIY bug! I've been so busy thinking of all the new and interesting things I can do to my house that I thought that maybe I should start writing about it all to share it with you guys!

My latest project was dealing with that awkward space under the stairs or as I call it, the "dumping ground". Back in the day it used to home our tumble dryer and fridge but since having my new kitchen fitted and therefore putting the appliances in there, this space has been empty.

After doing a bit of searching through Pinterest for inspiration, I came across the below picture and I knew I had to recreate it for my own house.

Now before I started this project I had looked into getting a professional in and have proper drawers etc fitted and they were asking for well over £1k! No thanks. My Pinterest alternative cost me under £100 with the majority of it being spent on this Ikea shelving unit and these Ikea wardrobe doors for the cupboard.

diy under the stairs cupboard

diy under the stairs cupboard

As you can see I'm decorating the rest of the hallway at the moment so I know it looks a bit crappy but cupboard-wise, I'm really happy! 

I'll leave a little link here back to the blog that helped me with the idea and a bit more of a "how to do".
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