Guest Post | Fashion Tricks for Working Millennial Ladies


Unless you’re a millennial, chances are you won’t be able to keep up with this species. You’ll definitely get to admire them from afar and look to steal a few tricks that’ll make you just as amazing as they are, but you’ll always be left wondering “How on Earth are they juggling it all!?”. Yes, we’re giving ourselves the right to call this magnificent generation “species” as they are nothing like any generation we’ve seen before. Everything about them is at the highest speed possible: they walk, talk, type, brainstorm, chew, think, plan, laugh, and schedule meetings – all at the same time! Oh, and – apart from being extremely successful in their business fields of interest, they too manage to look amazing each time they leave the house (or just chill indoors, as well).

Fashion Tricks for Working Millennial Ladies

Naturally, with so many things to do, it sometimes feels just a tad overwhelming to resist the desire to rush into your business meeting wearing just your comfy pyjamas but hey – we’re all very much aware of the fact that fashion is more of a character statement than a beauty trick, so we do our best to impress. 
Here, a quick guide to all the millennial stunners who are choosing to always look great, no matter how tired or overworked they feel:

Fashion Tricks for Working Millennial Ladies
Invest in…
…A quality leather jacket, great jeans with an even better butt support, a blazer (a blazer is a must piece to have!) and a pencil skirt (knee-length or a bit shorter). For an everyday look that fits the office but sets you apart from the dull and mundane, these three pieces can make all the difference! One pair of jeans combined with different shirts (printed, silk, buttoned up, etc) and a blazer or a pencil skirt paired with a quirky graphic shirt and nice boots will definitely make you look great. Throw that leather jacket over and you’re all set!

Fashion Tricks for Working Millennial Ladies
Rely on...
...A bodycon or a maxi that’s not too tight can easily be your ace. Wear them for cocktail parties or team building drinks. To add a little bit of seriousness and sophistication to the look, use that blazer you own to wow. A bodycon tends to look perfect on all sizes, even though it follows the line of the body. Even if you are a few numbers up the “regular size” (whatever that is), browse through a variety of plus size women’s clothing and find the dress that’ll look amazing on your shape.

Fashion Tricks for Working Millennial Ladies
Don’t forget to pamper
Clothing alone does not make a style; it’s all about a combination of your fashion style and personal hygiene. To a millennial woman who is always on the go, it’s essential she doesn’t skip her beauty routine (otherwise, she’ll quickly fall into the rut and look years older than she is) and health habits. Don’t skip on your hairdresser appointments or your facials, ever! Have a massage at least once in two weeks and make sure you include at least some physical activity into your day (at least, walk to work). As for nutrition, always have a bottle of water with you, avoid pre-packed and greasy foods, eat greens, take your supplements regularly (your hair vitamins, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, etc) and try to squeeze in a nap in between meetings (no, we’re not joking). We know you are a superwoman, but even she needs to rest a bit!

Fashion Tricks for Working Millennial Ladies

Double C – chic and casual
A millennial lady boss simply can’t give in to a style that’s too tight or too… anything. The more casual the better. However, this doesn’t mean coming into work in your sweats. Rather, making sure you combine your pieces in such a manner that you’re comfy sitting through all the meetings you’ve got without secretly unbuttoning your jeans. Essentially, don’t force a fashion style onto your life – rather, work your style into your life and adjust it.

Fashion Tricks for Working Millennial Ladies

Steal from Pinterest
When the inspiration fails you, just go to Pinterest and steal a few tricks. There are plenty of amazing ideas to find inspiration in, so got for it. Nope, you aren’t a copycat; you are a smart woman who knows where to look for information. Simple!

Dear millennial lioness, stay amazing and use our advice for the best! Good luck!

About the author:
Tracey Clayton is a full-time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home d├ęcor and healthy living.  Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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