Guest Post | 8 Steps to an Active Life and Young Skin

An active life keeps your skin young in several ways especially when you combine such activities with healthy balanced diet containing nutrients that are skin-friendly. Active lifestyle does not mean indulging in excessively hard physical activities, even a good quality sleep can make your skin look healthier and younger. Active life can keep your skin younger in the following ways;
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#1: 8 glasses of water a day
If you want your skin to appear healthier, glowing and younger, you need to stay hydrated most times. One of the reasons why your skin appears dry and awful most times is because the skin tissues are not hydrated. When you consume sufficient amount of fluids (most especially water) regularly, your body will flush out toxins from vital organs, including the skin, hence your skin will be able to shed older and unhealthy skin cells.
#2: Establish a daily skin care habit
There are lots of skin care products in the market but you need to choose the right one that will take care of your skin. Do not go for skin care products with excessive chemicals that will make your skin more sensitive or dry, rather you should indulge in active skin care habits such as regular exfoliation and the application of moisturiser and sunscreen , just before you step out in the morning.
Daily skin care habits also means, taking showers once or twice a day and making use of non-chemical soaps and body washes. Occasionally, you may want to add essential oils of some skin-friendly plants such as Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.
Make sure you do away with antiseptic soap because they are known to remove the protective oily layer of the skin that helps to keep your skin soft and moist. Make sure your skin care products contain little or no alcoholic ingredients, however, they can contain moisturising ingredients.
#3: Establish regular sleep routine
Most people often regard sleep as a luxury and not a necessity and in so doing, they do more harm to their skin than good. You need at least 7 hours of sleep a day in order for your body to heal itself and rejuvenate vital organs such as the skin. If you get less than 8 hours of sleep in the night, make sure you compensate by having a regular 1-2 hours of naps in the afternoon. Make sure you compensate for all lost sleep hours on your off days or holiday seasons, this will help your body recover from prolonged lack of sleep, and stress. 

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#4: Perform some daily breathing exercises
Many people would wonder what breathing has to do with having a youthful skin. The wonderful thing about taking time to perform inhaling and exhaling activities is that they help to lower cortisol hormones, which are regarded as stress management hormones. Stress is one of the main enemies of youthful skin, hence the more you keep your stress levels under check, the more your skin will benefit.
#5: Indulge in low to moderate cardio activities
You don’t need a high intensity workout sessions to get your skin youthful, you can even indulge in fun activities such as hiking, walking in the park or riding your bicycle. Physical activities help your skin look more youthful by expanding your blood vessels and forcing the heart to pump more blood, as the heart pumps more blood, your skin pores expand, thus helping you to sweat and eliminate toxins from the upper and lower surfaces of the skin.
#6: Fight off stress through meditation
Aside from getting around 30 minutes of exercises on daily basis, holistic methods such as meditation, and visualization techniques have also been found to be helpful in maintaining a youthful skin. Meditation will not only help you manage stress more effectively, it keeps your brain healthy and when your brain functions optimally, your skin’s level of activity has been linked with several other health benefits, such as healthier skin .
#7: Schedule a periodic detox
You don’t need any herbal mixes or ingredients to detoxify your system, all you need is a collection of nutria-bullet recipes where you can extract 100% ingredients from fruits, veggies, and even nuts and seeds, which you can consume, to detoxify your body regularly.
Nutri-bullets are much more desirable than regular juicing because nutria-bullet devices are designed to extract more nutrients due to its effective motor and blade structures. Detoxifying your body means, eliminating toxins that trigger oxidation of healthy skin cells. When you eliminate unhealthy toxins, the skin will be able to produce healthier new cells that will replace the older ones, hence your skin will remain healthier and more youthful than ever.
#8: Consume clean, and organic foods
You can complement all other natural skin care methods with good, organic and skin-friendly foods. You should consider replacing your coffee with green tea for instance, and the reason being that green tea contains a high level of anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients that reduce the risks of oxidative stress which is known to cause wrinkling and raid ageing of the skin.
Antioxidants also strengthen the body’s immunity against certain skin disorders, and they help to fight off germs. In addition to green tea, organically grown foods, such as fruits and green veggies are skin-friendly and they are known to contain numerous anti-ageing properties that will strongly benefit the skin.
You need to eliminate or drastically reduce your consumption of refined foods, including sweetened beverages that are known to contain high amount of sugar that are harmful to the skin. You should consider replacing unhealthy food components with healthy ones such as oily fish, nuts and seeds that are known to contain sin-friendly omega 3 fatty acid that smooths and nourishes the skin.
You need to ensure that your skin is adequately protected from UV rays of the sun, considering the fact that such harmful rays damage the outer skin protective layer , thus exposing the inner layer to several skin diseases and disorders, including ageing, wrinkly and brown spots.

Sally Mitchell began my career as a make-up artist, and after receiving a diploma in Clinical Dermatology decided to combine passions for make-up artistry and skin care becoming a licensed beauty professional. Now she shares skin care treatments with readers of Lumeskin.
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