Guest Post | The Health Benefits Exercise Has For Your Skin!

If you’ve been in the fitness game for some time, you absolutely know and love all the health benefits that regular exercise has for your mind, body and soul. Improved concentration, total body strength, enthusiasm and vigour, not to mention the healthy bodily processes such as increased metabolism and fat loss, these are all amazing benefits that make you push even harder towards reaching your goals.

And they just make you a better, healthier human being all around. Fitness is amazing in every way, and it’s not just a habit, it’s a lifestyle choice. Well, this amazing lifestyle choice has one more health benefit you’ve probably never even though of - it makes your skin look young, radiant, and beautiful. Here are the top benefits of training for your skin. 

Radiant skin all year-round
Before we break it into the nuts and bolts, let’s get one thing out of the way - regular exercise does promote heathy skin along with numerous other health benefits. Being the largest organ in your body, the state of your skin is a direct reflection of your internal wellbeing. There are two key elements that will have a major impact on the health and appearance of your skin, and those are genetics and external stimuli.

Genetics, although impossible to alter, can be influenced to a certain degree, so you’re not quite left at the mercy of Mother Nature and her wrath. Positive external stimuli, such as healthy eating, natural skin treatments and of course, physical exercise, will play a pivotal role in giving your complexion the glory it deserves.

Bring these three elements together, and you will balance out genetics and external forces, creating an all year-round radiant complexion. Let’s break it down.

Exercise and O2
It’s commonplace knowledge that exercise promotes healthy blood flow throughout your body, pumping oxygenated blood into your lungs, brain, extremities and of course, your skin - it’s one of the reasons you get all red.
Oxygen intake and distribution is crucial in not only maintaining healthy breathing patterns during exercise and staying at the top of your game, but also for helping eliminate waste products, free radicals and toxins from your working cells. While the liver is responsible for detoxifying your body, you can support its efforts by helping flush cellular debris out of your system.

Added benefits of outdoor training
Training at the gym is great, but training outside is amazing. Not only that, outdoor training will boast a myriad of other health benefits for your complexion. Fresh air coupled with a hefty dose of sunshine will allow your skin to breathe and soak in the sun’s healthy rays, supplying your body with copious amounts of Vitamin D.
What’s more, outdoor training allows you to be a kid and exercise any way you want. Climb a model mountain, do some HIIT and roll around on a cool skateboard - the world if your playground. Don’t forget to wear adequate protective gear though, and find the right skateboard accessories to go with your board. Don’t miss out, grab your favourite gear and head outside!

Exercise promotes healthy sleep
Everyone knows that sleep is extremely good for you. Maintaining regular sleeping cycles will not only allow your muscles, tendons, ligaments and nervous system to recover from a day of balancing family, work, training and well, life, but it will also have a myriad of health benefits as well. This includes healthier skin.
It’s no wonder it’s called ‘beauty sleep’, as getting at least seven hours of quality shut-eye paired with a natural night-time facemask will allow your skin to rejuvenate, ready to face the day ahead.

Even if Mother Nature has dealt you a bad hand when it comes to your complexion, there are numerous ways you can influence your skin to become glowing and radiant - and fitness is one of those ways. Be sure to keep these essential benefits in mind while you slowly but confidently work your way towards your fitness goals and you will develop a radiant complexion in no time!
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  1. I sleep so well on the days I go to the gym, I love it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. I'm normally so exhausted I fall straight to sleep lol xo