Guest Post | How to Achieve a Perfect "No-Makeup" Look

There is no better time than summers to go for a no-makeup makeup look. Nobody likes to apply layers of products on their skin, especially when they are melting down with the heat. If you want to enhance the natural beauty without making things too cakey and visible, the no-makeup look is exactly what you need to learn to do.
Here are a few simple steps following which you can achieve a perfect no-makeup look while letting your natural beauty shine through:
Guest Post | How to Achieve a Perfect "No-Makeup" Look
Step # 1: Exfoliate before You Begin Your Makeup
Never start with your makeup unless you have properly exfoliated your skin to make sure the foundation does not accumulate to places due to dead skin around the areas. Therefore, use a quality face mask for your skin and apply a toner after rinsing the mask off.

Step # 2: Apply a Sheer Coverage Foundation or BB/CC Cream
Take a small amount of any of your favourite sheer coverage foundation or BB cream and apply it evenly to your skin. Make sure you use a formula that has SPF in it so that you do not have to apply a sunscreen separately. Blend the cream with your fingers instead of any brush or blender to give it a natural finish.

Step # 3: Use a Concealer if you have Blemishes
If the scars and discolouration under your eyes are too visible, use a concealer with good coverage and tap it gently on those areas only. Do not rub it over the skin as the concealer would lose its purpose that way. Make sure the concealer you use for the blemishes is the same shade as your foundation.
Guest Post | How to Achieve a Perfect "No-Makeup" Look

Step # 4: Apply Loose Powder for Flawless Finish
Instead of using pressed powder that feels heavy on the skin, take any loose powder and use a brush to tap under your eyes and on the blemishes so that the concealer settles down without getting rubbed off. Sweep it over your face gently to make your foundation last longer.

Step # 5: Peachy Cream Blush for Some Hue
Take a natural peachy cream blush to add a little colour to your cheeks, instead of using powder blush that looks too visible and cakey on the skin. Apply it to the apples of the cheeks with your fingers and blend it well. You can use the same blush to add a little hue to your eye lids as well.

Step # 6: Use a Mascara for Much Natural Long Lashes
To add just the right amount of drama to the eyes, apply long lash mascara in a way that there are no clumps left behind. After applying it, use a mascara comb to separate the lashes and to remove any excess from the lashes.

Step # 7: Don’t Miss the Brows
Use a brow gel to fill the empty spaces between the brows and define the shape a little. Make sure you do not overdo it. The purpose to make the brows is to give them just a little definition and a cleaner look.

Step # 8: Nude Lipstick or Babylips as a Cherry on Top
Take any matte nude lipstick that would go best with your skin tone and apply it to your lips without overdrawing them. If you want something moisturising and natural, babylips or any pink lip balm can also be a good choice. I usually prefer Charlotte Tilbury nude lipstick as it really pulls the look together like anything.

Now, tie your hair into a high ponytail or keep them open and let your inner charisma shine through!

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Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog.

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