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Party season is coming and that means Winter is also right around the corner. This cold season can wreak havoc on your hair and skin if you’re not careful, but with a few simple steps you can stay on top of things and keep your hair and skin looking healthy and beautiful throughout Christmas and into the New Year. Combating the harsh effects of weather and tweaking your beauty regime to best suit the season will give you good results. So, with that in mind let’s look at a handful of top tips for looking after yourself this Winter.

Fight the dryness

guest post hair and skin party ready
As the harsh winds and freezing temperatures cause irritation and dryness you are going to have to fight back. For your skin that means regularly moisturising – morning and night. If you want to look fabulous top to toe this party season you have to pay particular attention to your hands, lips and feet; cracking is the last thing you want when you want to show off that Christmassy nail polish or that lovely lipstick at your office’s Christmas party. In terms of  hair, a weekly deep conditioning treatment will give it a boost and help stop your scalp from  drying out too – your locks should be ready to host the perfect New Year’s Eve hairstyle if you take care of them in advance.

Go easy on the hair styling

guest post hair skin beauty ready for party season

As your hair is already under a lot of stress from the elements you don’t want to add to that by overusing hair products – save it until the end of December when you’ll probably be investing in some party hairstyling. Go easy on the mousse and sprays, and use your styling tools sparingly. Your hair is already fighting damage and dryness, and the intense heat from straighteners, tongs and hairdryers is not going to help. A great way round this is to choose cool styles that don’t require a lot of help to stay in place. One of the best is a chic and always trendy Dutch braid – see tutorial here.

Protection from the elements

guest post hair and skin party ready

When you’re out and about in Winter it’s inevitable that harsh weather is going to hit you. The best way to lessen the impact of intense cold, strong winds and heavy rain is to cover up, especially if you’re planning to spend the holiday season skiing. Buy a cosy Winter hat or scarf to wrap around your head. Use an oversized neck scarf or snood not only as a cool accessory, but to pull over your face when it gets really cold.

Flush out the toxins

guest post hair and skin party ready

Regular exercise can play a huge role in maintaining healthy hair and skin, but the temptation is to slack off in Winter. Stay motivated though. You won’t just feel better and have more energy; you’ll also give your hair and skin a boost. That’s because exercise helps flush out toxins in the body, reducing the risk of breakouts and helping to maintain glossy locks and clear skin.

Be strategic with the shampoo

guest post hair and skin party ready

This may be a good time to take a closer look at your hair washing routine. It’s a good idea to cut back on shampooing in Winter, so if you’re someone who likes to wash their hair every day cut back to two or three times a week. Also, turn the temperature down. No one’s saying that you need to wash in freezing cold water! But excessively hot water is not going to be good for your hair, or skin for that matter. Go with warm or lukewarm water and try giving your hair a cool rinse every now and then too.

From fighting the dryness with moisturising and conditioning products to opting for replacing product-heavy styles with natural looks like a Dutch braid, there are plenty of ways you can protect your skin and hair in Winter, getting yourself ready to look your best when party season begins! Being prepared is the first step and now that you’re armed with these top tips, start your new beauty routine as soon as possible – Christmas is just around the corner.
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