Guest Post | How to Look Good at a Christmas Party


how to look good at the christmas party

Holiday time is finally here, and the excitement in the air is almost palpable. December is the time of pristine white snow covering the top of our houses, making them look like icing on a cake, it’s the time of spiced apple cider and hot pies, the perfect moment for gifts and family. Of course, it’s also the time of glitz, glamour, and parties! The Christmas party was always my cherry on top when it comes to holiday celebrations, and I can never wait to start getting ready and rock a pretty little look every year. One could say I’m a pro when it comes to these things now. Regardless of the kind of party you’re attending this year, I’ve got a few nice tips to share that will help you look splendidly gorgeous and have a ton of fun! 

Indulge in some beauty treatments

how to look good at a Christmas party

The best way to look like a goddess for a party is to feel like a goddess! Why not visit your cosmetician and treat yourself to something nice? I always go to the same skin clinic in Sydney and I like to get microdermabrasion a week or two before the event because then I know I’ll have perfectly smooth, velvety skin. Just indulge yourself, maybe you get some dermal fillers, maybe you get a little spa time, whatever you enjoy. It’s important to pamper ourselves and these little beautifying treatments can get us in just the right mood for the party. 

Wax at the right time

Don’t wax the day before the party unless you want red spots to show on your skin! Three to five days is a much better idea. 

Careful with the self-tan

That bronze summer glow is beautiful, but do be careful not to overdo it. Similarly to waxing, it’s best not to do it the night before. A week or two should be enough time for your skin tone to even out and look smooth. 

Let your dentist give you a row of pearly whites

how to look good at a Christmas party

One of the best parts of Christmas parties are the photos! I love taking selfies with my friends, I love those beautiful family pictures. I want my smile to be absolutely perfect for those, so I have a habit of seeing this excellent cosmetic dentist in Sydney every December for a little teeth whitening. If you haven’t seen your dentist in a while, it’s always good to do it before Christmas and New Year. Imagine yourself with a bright red lipstick and blinding white teeth, charming hearts with your big grin. 

Pick the right outfit

how to look good at a Christmas party

While Christmas is not really the time for revealing outfits, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be sexy. We’re going for elegance, we’re going for a refined, beautiful look that’s a little seductive, and very sophisticated. I recommend a silk blouse and a cashmere sweater paired with a pencil skirt, or perhaps a red or emerald wrap dress that looks gorgeous on any body type and gives you a dose of feminine allure. Add shimmery accessories – a slim bracelet, or a pair of dangling earrings, and a belt to go around your waist. 

Perfect your makeup game

how to look good at a Christmas party
Makeup can be a real game-changer on a party, because it can either bring out your best features and make you look gorgeous in pictures, or it can smudge and become runny and make you look sloppy. To ensure it lasts all day, you want to use a good primer, and a good setting spray (like Urban Decay All Nighter). For a sultry, bombshell look that’s still perfectly appropriate for family dinners, try a chocolate cranberry smokey eye that will bring out all the glam and make your eyes really pop. 

One last tip, ladies: practice your makeup and wear your outfit before the actual party. You want to see how it all looks on you and change up the details you’re not satisfied with. Otherwise, bring good mood and your smiles, and enjoy the food, the booze, and the company! 

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