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One of the best things about Winter is that it contains the most glamorous time of year; party season! There are so many events on throughout December, from office parties to gatherings with friends and family plus Christmas and New Year too of course. That’s a whole lot of outfits, hairdos and makeup looks to plan. It’s fun to try out the latest trends, so here are my picks of the best party trends to try from head to toe, including hairstyles, special outfits and the most on-trend shades of lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish. 

party season trends to celebrate

Party season hairstyles

party season trends to celebrate

If ever there’s a time to pull out all the stops with your ‘do, it’s party season. You don’t have to head to the salon to have a professional stylist primp your perfect plaits and updos, however. Take a DIY approach and learn how to do it yourself at home. Braids are bang on trend, so experiment with different versions of this style, from the fishtail plait and the Dutch braid to the crown plait and the pull through braid. There’s lots of information online to help you have a go. For example, if you want to try a pull through braid, see tutorial here.

Party season makeup

party season trends to celebrate

Glitter lovers rejoice at this time of year, as party season is all about sparkle and that never changes. You can attach temporary gems to your face around your eyes and brows, or slick on a layer of glimmering eyeliner and mascara with flecks of glitter. If full-on shimmer isn’t your scene, metallic eye shadow is a perfect way to embrace the latest makeup trends without going quite so far into bling territory. As for lips, deep berry tones are very much the trend all Winter long, so make a statement now and you can keep wearing those dark red and purple shades for the rest of the season.

Party season nails

party season trends to celebrate

Nail art gets really fun during party season, as the festive-themed nail wraps and tutorials start to stack up. Candy canes, snowflakes and reindeer are all a fun way to bring a Christmassy touch to your nail art. If you prefer chic style over novelty on your nails, then look to the Autumn/Winter 2017 catwalks for inspiration. Dark metallic shades like gold were all the rage at Mulberry and there was a matted-down metallic silver at Daks, while frosted white glitter was the ice queen effect at Sophia Webster. All of these pair perfectly with party season’s other key trends.

Party season fashion

party season trends to celebrate

Velvet is the key texture across fashion and homewares in Autumn/Winter 2017, so it makes sense to indulge in this luxury fabric at this most luxe time of year. Try it in shimmering silver shades or deep berry tones for the ideal accompaniment to your makeup and nails. A party dress is always a go-to option, but you can mix things up this year with the trend for jumpsuits; so much more chic than jeans and a top, and a great alternative to a maxi dress. As for shoes, embellished, glittery and sparkling styles all are on-trend. Ankle boots are where it’s at in terms of shape, if you’d prefer not to wear that party season staple, high heels.

As with all trends, it’s all about how you work them to make them match your own individual style. This is such a fun time of year to embrace new looks. Enjoy party season!

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